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Friday, October 9, 2015

Seminar National Synergitas Sektor Pertanian Dan Parawisata

Back to campus again, one outstanding from my 100 written dreams. Yes, 100! and keep growing everyday :-) For now, I am happy to spend a day in campus, attending National Seminar @ Udayana University, Denpasar. So many actual informations, ideas and inspirations for new agricultural + tourism business  opportunities, or tips to brings the business to next level, inspired by success stories from keynote speakers. Business minded.

World Tourism Organisation (WTO), has lined the policy for developing the sustainable tourism business, into 3 main aspects: sustainable nature, social and economy. This concept clearly indicated that tourism business development should not damage/destroy the nature, environment, and land especially farmland. And nowadays, ecotourism is very welcomed world widely with the trending" back to nature".

Agrowisata  is a variant of ecotourism,
has been rapidly growing in past few years, including Bali as one of the tourist destination in the world. Agrowisata creates tourism opportunities to get people back to farm. Many tourist comes to Bali to enjoy the beautiful island by visiting the rural areas, exploring the great outdoors activity and directly participate in the lifestyle of rural villages / farmer.

Taking part in tourism industry, one of the main target of Elite Spa and Salon Bali with sister Soapyme Organics, is to go back to nature, use natural local varieties products from local resources, to provide high quality products and support local small farmers.

Still a lot of home works, and buckets of sweats, but we will be there.

 Go back to nature and get the most from farm!   


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